Spock Dog Hoody

You’re little dog wants to look like Mr. Spock. I’m sure of it. Details

Zombie Brains Cookie Jar

Mmmmmm! Chocolate chip brains!

15 Unique Shakers

Getting tired of the same old boring shakers?

Virgin Mary Toaster

miracle-toasterClaim a miracle every morning when your toaster makes toast with the image of the Virgin Mary. Get Toasted

Or try:
Dog Paw-print

Panda Ski Mask

The perfect gift for all those panda bear lovin’ freak skiers.

Dog Breed DNA Test Kit

DogBreedIDtestkit If you MUST know the breed(s) of your pooch, this is an easy way to go. Details

9 Gifts for Shark Lovers


If you like sharks, these things will make you thrash about with joy.
More Sharks

Zombie Plush Slippers


Gotta have cozy feet if you’re going to run for your life. Details

Retro Trailer Birdhouse

Retro-Trailer-BirdhouseYour retro birds will want to camp here to lay eggs.
Fly to Birdhouse

Barbasol Can Safe

Barbasol can safeMade from actual product container. Hide your valuable stuff in plain sight.

Sterling Silver DNA Earrings

DNAhelixearringsFor all your DNA loving pals.
DNA Details

Bloody Hand Towel

My annoying Aunt Mabel hates these things. So I bought five more.
Bloody Details

16 Wacky Shower Curtains

Spruce up your bathroom with a crazy new shower curtain!

Green Army Guy Doorstop

11 inch high green army man doorstop, just like you played with as a kid, except it weighs 3 pounds.

Nude Duvet Cover

Put this on the in-laws guest bed.

Star Trek Pizza Cutter

star-trek-pizza-cutterTruly, it’s the only logical thing to use.

Boldly Go Get

High Top Sneaker Pillow

shoe-pillowIt doesn’t stink like a sneaker, but it’s a comfy pillow for your couch.

Get Pillow

Beardski Ski Mask

Protect your face, and make it look scary. Details

VW Bus Shoulder Bag

vwshoulderbagYou need to carry a vintage VW bus on your shoulder. You just do.

Happy Dude Corkscrew

Me, I don’t get THIS happy when I pull a cork. Details

Latex Pig Mask

MainPigMaskBe a little piggy, in your starched white shirt.

Dog Sniffing Doormat

Dogs have a different concept when greeting each other. So can you, with this doggy doormat. Start Sniffing

Safari Animal Butt Magnets

animal-butt-magnetsIncludes giraffe, leopard, lion, elephant, tiger and hippo butts

Battery Powered Neon Sunglasses

neon-sunglassesI know your eyes already light up the sky, but these neon shades might even be better.

Check ‘em out

Morse Code Clock

Get the Clock

Octopus Duvet Cover Queen Size

octopus-duvet-queenIf you’re a lover of Octopi then you will want this huge Octopus on your bed. It’s spendy, but very fun and odd and almost lovely.Details

Steampunk Leather Mask

Designed by Tom Banwell.
You can see more of this artist’s creations at TomBanwell.com

Or you can purchase at his Etsy Shop

Cool Polish Movie Posters

Polish Poster

Polish artists create totally different movie posters than we are used to. These are some of my favorites.

Show Me Some Polish Posters

Schwetty Balls for Golf

schwetty-ballsSchwetty Balls is from a Saturday Night Live Sketch with Alec Baldwin.

Get Some Balls

Duct Tape Coffee Mug

duct-tape-coffee-mugHandymen, DIY folks, Duct Tape Freaks, and all lovers of the silver sticky stuff will want this mug. Details

Stiletto Zebra Wine Bottle Holder

She left her shoe at my house, so I…umm…better keep my bottle of wine in the shoe for later.

Check It Out

10 Coolest Flip Up T-Shirts


Have a chuckle with the best Flip Up Shirts!

Show Me Some Shirts

Cool Pool Floats


Summertime is the time for some wacky pool floats!
See the Others

Scarface Garden Gnome


If there’s gangsters roaming your garden, you might need this guy.
Say Hello To My Little Friend

Zombie Leggings



If you’re a quasi-hipster young human in search of some zombie leggings, you’ve come running and screaming to the right place.

Put Zombies on Your Legs

KISS Gene Simmons Ski Mask

Wear it to ski, wear it to a party, or wear it to bed.Details

Quack Muzzle for Dogs

These are a little odd, but very unique. If that’s what your dog desires. This is only sold by a Japanese website that ships to the USA. They have some pretty cool stuff, though.

Quacker Details

Fred Unicycle Pizza Cutter

What we got here is a red dude on a unicycle posing as a pizza cutter.
Grab It Here

Crime Scene Fleece Blanket

Nothing like snuggling with a chalk outline of a dead guy.