Unicorn Meat in a Can

Some pretty tasty stuff that may not be appreciated by
your “mystical” friends.

Smash Prop Breakaway Beer Bottle

breakaway bottle

If you want to prank somebody, or you’re a budding film maker, break away!

Get Smashed

Radio Tube USB Flash Drive

steampunk flashdrive8gb USB storage for Steampunk folks, or for Radio Tube lovers.

Pizza Slice Floating Pool Raft

Pizza Slice RaftI have dreams about floating on a slice of pizza. Not proud of that.

Or how about a Donut Float?

Radio Controlled Tarantula

People seem to enjoy getting attacked by a large spider. So I’ve heard.

Slappy Ventriloquist Dummy

ventriloquistDummyIt’s SLAPPY from Goosebumps, a 30 inch ventriloquist dummy with one handed operation, and a pamplet for beginners.

Zombie Brains Cookie Jar

Mmmmmm! Chocolate chip brains!

Educational Sperm Plush Toy

I’m not sure what’s with the blue ribbon on the Sperm’s Head, but it’s cute, I guess.


15 Fun Salt & Pepper Shakers

Getting tired of the same old boring shakers?

9 Gifts for Shark Lovers


If you like sharks, these things will make you thrash about with joy.
More Sharks

Virgin Mary Toaster

miracle-toasterClaim a miracle every morning when your toaster makes toast with the image of the Virgin Mary.

Or try:
Dog Paw-print

Retro Trailer Birdhouse

Your retro birds will want to camp here to lay eggs.

Dog Breed DNA Test Kit

DogBreedIDtestkit If you MUST know the breed(s) of your pooch, this is an easy way to go.

Decoy Floating Alligator Head

Floating alligator

In your pool, in your pond, this floating alligator head will scare away unwanted critters. And make you popular.

Zombie Plush Slippers


Gotta have cozy feet if you’re going to run for your life.

Sterling Silver DNA Earrings

For all your DNA earring loving pals.

Bloody Hand Towel

My annoying Aunt Mabel hates these things. So I bought five more.

16 Wacky Shower Curtains

Spruce up your bathroom with a crazy new shower curtain!

Bacon is Meat Candy T-Shirt

This goes without saying.

Quack Muzzle for Dogs

If your dog has to wear a muzzle, make sure it’s interesting. Okay, maybe weird. From Japan.

Spock Dog Hoody

It’s only logical that your little dog wants to look like Mr. Spock.

Star Trek Pizza Cutter

star-trek-pizza-cutterTruly, it’s the only logical thing to use.

VW Bus Shoulder Bag

vwshoulderbagYou need to carry a vintage VW bus on your shoulder. You just do.

Happy Dude Corkscrew

Me, I don’t get THIS happy when I pull a cork. $10

Dog Sniffing Doormat

Dogs have a different concept when greeting each other. So can you, with this doggy doormat. $24

Safari Animal Butt Magnets

animal-butt-magnetsIncludes giraffe, leopard, lion, elephant, tiger and hippo butts

Steampunk Leather Mask

Designed by Tom Banwell.
You can see more of this artist’s creations at TomBanwell.com

Or you can purchase at his Etsy Shop

Cool Polish Movie Posters

Polish Poster

Polish artists create totally different movie posters than we are used to. These are some of my favorites.

Show Me Some Polish Posters

Schwetty Balls for Golf

schwetty-ballsSchwetty Balls is from a Saturday Night Live Sketch with Alec Baldwin.


Zebra Stiletto Wine Bottle Holder

She left her shoe at my house, so I…umm…better keep my bottle of wine in the shoe for later.


10 Coolest Flip Up T-Shirts


Have a chuckle with the best Flip Up Shirts!

Show Me Some Shirts

Scarface Garden Gnome


If there’s gangsters roaming your garden, you might need this guy.


Crime Scene Fleece Blanket

Nothing like snuggling with a chalk outline of a dead guy.

Truthful Coffee Mug

The truth is not something you should put on a coffee mug.
But it’s still true.


Best Doormat Ever

I’m a doormat hobbyist. This one cracked me up, so I bought it for my crazy Uncle Mat.

Dog Toilet Water Dish

Now, slurping out of the toilet is the RIGHT thing to do! Get your wacky pooch one of these, and he’ll feel like you finally understand. $23

Guitar String Bracelet


You’re a guitar player or you love a guitar player, so wear this unique bracelet made from stainless steel guitar strings.

$10 each

Dragon Ear Wrap Earring



Just need one standard ear piercing.
Dragon whispers advice into your ear.


Pink Floyd the Barber T-Shirt

I love Pink Floyd the band, and Floyd the Barber on The Andy Griffith Show. So this T-Shirt is perfectly odd and almost hip.


Whatever Wall Clock

Does anybody REALLY know what time it is? Does anybody really care?


Edgar Allen Poe Oil Painting

Hand Painted and the original Creep Master looks right through you. Might need a black light.

Wooden Necktie

I’m not kidding, this Wooden Necktie is a flexible, lightweight tie that is actually made from wood recycled from old barns. Perfect for your lumberjack or carpenter friends.

Get a Woody $45-$56

Yodelling Pickle

Okay, fine, they tell me this is the best selling gag gift ever. You can help keep that true.


Recycled Keyboard Purse

purse-made-from-keyboard-keysSomebody fashioned a lot of keyboard keys into a go green recycled purse. It’s up to you to wonder why.

Purse Details

Pole Stripper Garden Gnome

stripper-garden-gnomeHope you have cool neighbors. $11.06

Unique Tabletop Fireplace

This creative fireplace uses ethanol. Marshmallows extra.


Abraham Lincoln Zombie Oil Painting

Sure, he was a great president, but how do you think he got that way? Oil on canvas.


Cardboard Radio

Yes, an actual cardboard radio made out of actual cardboard. You can decorate it with cheap drawing tools. The audio cord allows you to hook up your iPod or MP3 player.


World’s Strongest Coffee

strongest-coffee-on-earthA one pound bag of Death Wish Coffee, which claims to be 200% more powerful than normal coffee. Also, you can jump-start your car with your heart.


Chewbacca Bathrobe

When your guy puts this on, ask him to make that throaty Chewbacca moan.


Spam Lunch Box

My mom considered Spam a delicacy. Before it became unwanted email.


LEGO Storage Bin

Store stuff in this Lego Bin and then hide it. Or store Lego’s in it.

Bin Details

Ice Cream Sandwich Pillow

Kids will like this yummy pillow, and the parents might like it as an odd decoration.


Star Wars Tauntaun Sleeping Bag

If you sleep in this friendly beastie, I’m sure you’ll be the first on your block to do so.


Giant Ice Cream Cone Lamp

Yummy lamp for kids or humorous big kids.


Shitake Mushroom Kit


Growing your own shitake mushrooms isn’t exactly wacky but it is a bit of odd do-it-yourself-fun. Unique is the name of the game.

Mushroom Details

Video Swim Mask

If you happen to spot a mermaid under the sea, you’ll wish you had one of these. Also takes still photos.

Mask Details

La Scala Entertainment Jacuzzi


My mom always said to be careful of appliances around the bathtub, so I’m not sure about this. It’s 40k if you’re interested. I don’t get a dime if you buy it, but the picture was just too sleek.

Dive In

Cool Crossword Clock


For all those crossword puzzle freaks that you know and love.

Crossword Clock Details

Laser Star Projector


Project a starry night sky on your ceiling or any other surface.

Laser Details

Fantastic Adventures Pulp Cover Poster

This shop also has Pin Up Posters, and Good Girl Comic Posters.

Fantastic Details

Raptor Dog Costume


Me, I like dog costumes. But my dog, Boozer, does not.


Salvadore Dali Watch

His mustache twirls the hours away, and an ant marches to the seconds. Time drips onward, like the melting clocks he loved to paint.

Hello Dali

DNA Art Portrait

This is pretty cool. You send them a sample of your DNA and they send you a unique art poster of your DNA portrait. They also have Fingerprint Art and other unusual stuff. The art is spendy but it is very, very original and one-of-a-kind. Obviously.

DNA Details

Bubble Wrap Calendar

I consider popping bubble wrap a satisfying obsession. With this 4 foot high calendar you can pop a bubble for every day of the year. And that’s important.

Popping Details

Champagne Cork Stool

Made out of cork from Portugal (as if cork from Belgium is no good) this cool little stool is 18 inches tall and is a very unique spot to sit your butt.

Stool Details

Sport Bra Wine Rack

Okay, it’s not THAT wacky, but it IS a provacative title, an eye-catching image, and a unique method of hiding 25 ounces of your favorite beverage in a sports bra. And if she goes along with this concept, she’s a keeper.

Rack Details

Freudian Slippers

Wearing Sigmund Freud on your feet is a lot cheaper than therapy.


Shotgun Shell Shot Glasses

Best way to get totally shot is to drink from 12 gauge shotgun Shot Glasses. Real shooters, so to speak.


Make Your Own Guitar Picks

Make your own guitar picks cheap and easy with this Pick Punch. You can punch a pick out of old credit cards, old gift cards, hotel key cards, and other thin plastic into a totally unique guitar plucker.


Marx Brothers T-Shirt

The Marx Brothers are a classic comedy team from the Way Back Old Days. But what about their crazy brother Karl? How did he screw things up? And why did they have to change his name to “Pinko”?


Pink Freud T Shirt

Pretty odd, but it made me snicker.


Horse Toilet Paper Holder

A great gift for people who like really wacky things in their bathrooms.


Darth Vader Lamp

If your friend or kid is still livin’ in the land of Star Wars, this should brighten up his world.

Darth Details

Captain Future Mag Cover Poster

This is one of the many Sci-Fi and Pulp Fiction posters that this site has to offer. Also some great circus posters.

Planet Details

Genius Bottle Opener in a Baseball Hat

I really wish this was my idea. This is just one style of hat, click on the link below to see many other styles.

Many More Hats

Magical Freaky Unicorn Mask

If you buy this for a friend, and he wears it to a party to get a girl, be afraid.


Red Squid Hat

My whole life I’ve been waiting for this red squid hat. See more unique hats at: Obey My Brain Creations

Airzooka Blasting Air Gun

Mess up their hair from twenty feet away…This thing shoots nuthin’ but air, baby!

Beardski Ski Mask

Protect your face, and make it look scary. $30

Octopus Duvet Cover Queen Size

octopus-duvet-queenIf you’re a lover of Octopi then you will want this huge Octopus on your bed. It’s spendy, but very fun and odd and almost lovely.Details